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RE: [Chrysler300] 300 G Convertible on Ebay



Thanks for posting, I did go to the link and reviewed the regulation. I would take issue with your comment though, about switching VIN tags, i.e.; transferring from one car to another as being legal, I see nothing there allowing that specific practice.  Yes, there are allowances for repairs etc. or replacement VINs some states provide for, but to take a VIN from one body and install it on another is risky business.  There are hidden SO numbers on each body that would have to match the trim plate, and documentation available through our Club allows matching of those numbers with build records that identify the VIN.  Changing VINs would also require a change in those numbers on the body.  Could it be done?  Possibly.  Is it legal?  That calls for a legal conclusion, and I am not an attorney.  If it all was done so as not to deceive (make a coupe into a convertible for instance) or use stolen parts, I doubt there would be a problem, as long as everything was restored to the way the factory did it, and it stood up to inspection.


I had a devil of a time about 10 years ago with a 300G coupe I had that the title was lost for.  I had to have a CHP officer come out and inspect the car.  I showed him the microfiche build records from Gil to prove the VIN matched the body.  Once I showed him the microfiche copies indicating the VIN, and SO numbers, and pointed out all the numbers on the VIN, the trim plate, and hidden SO numbers, he was satisfied and I got the title.  Without that, there was a possibility I would have had to attach a state issued VIN.


Bob J



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Bob & All,


I too have a 300G conv. that the both the trim plate and VIN number tag have rusted off or fell off.


Second point, it is not a crime to move or switch Vin tags on cars as long as there no intent to further the theft of a motor vehicle.  See Office of the Law Revision Counsel, U. S. House of Representatives Title 18 Sec. 511. If you want to check it out yourself, go to   and do a search for title 18.


Jim Bartuska

Niles, Mich

Founding Member 300 Club, Int.

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There is more than a few things of concern here.  The VIN is screwed on, dead wrong, should be spot welded.  The trim code plate (aka fender tag) is rotted and I suspect it and the VIN may be from a different car,  Caveat Emptor.  It’s a felony to mess with VIN tags by the way.


Bob J


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   Greetings all,

                         Anyone know the story on the above ? The last 6 of the vin are 139914 & the item number 163809782724. Car looks decent with a carpeted trunk and a couple of incorrect things. 




                                                                                                                                            Val J 


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