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RE: [Chrysler300] Fw: Bud Faubel's 300G Daytona car

Hi, I wonder if same exhaust as 400HP  F? are those F exhausts the same as J , heat provision aside? Thank you for this, follow up encouraged!  I vaguely remember seeing 400 HP F somewhere, noting manifolds, and also a friend had a 62 max wedge Plymouth (we rode around nights in 62 or 63 looking for 409 chevs) ; that max wedge had unbelievable manifolds that rose way up as high as valve covers, big arc and then down at a back ; time has blurred all that into a composite or melting,---- not sure they ever put the max wedge manifold in a Chrysler but might have in 61/ 62…


As I remember J I had, it has squared off pipes on manifold , max was rounded, up higher , up direction out of heads, and of course wild heads and ports.


I Remember Hot Rod magazine Spl 300 at 62 nationals got into 12’s. Ray Brock. Torqueflight, first 727 . That was the fastest 300 in my book,--would have won the whole thing, but he was asleep at light at final race against a big Pontiac..which turned a slower time. Getting a 15 or 16 second brutally heavy 300 into the 12’s in 62 staggers me .  ------but high end speed like Bud was set up for in 61 is unreal too.


Purely conjecture, on manifolds,  long ago…


This is one special G …..


BTW, max wedge blew up twice, the oil pump driveshaft end used to twist off at 6 grand, so much for using a “big oil pump” , no warrantee on max wedge. Gets expensive fast. Later ,----longer,  hardened ends fixed that. Probably standard pump later too. Big pumps take more twist to drive, maybe not so smart.


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I just heard this special 3-speed 300G has been sold.  I was hoping to look at it tomorrow, and Randy Huntzberry messaged me that it has a new home.

The original cast iron exhaust manifolds are still with the car, similar to the 1963/1964 ram manifolds, except that there are no heat risers, as the ram intake manifolds are water-heated. That would lead me to believe this might be a 400HP 413, like the 300F GT 4 speed Daytona cars.


John Spiers 


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If you have 

any interest, contact Randy at mdboy1945@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx






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Hi, my name is Randy Huntzberry and my father, John Huntzberry, was a member of your club for many years. He passed away in 2008 and I inherited his “G”. He bought the car in 1962 and kept it the rest of his life. Unfortunately, he let the car deteriorate badly. I had hoped to restore the car and make it street worthy again, however, for a number of reasons, I no longer feel that I can do it. So, sadly, I am offering the car to someone in the hope that they could restore. Make no mistake, it will be a full restoration, but I believe it can be done. I have a number of spare parts, service manuals, etc. that will go with it. If you could pass the word around that the car is available, I would appreciate it. I may be contacted by email at mdboy1945@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Thank you very much, Randy Huntzberry.


PS: We knew Bud as he used to drag race at the track in Hagerstown, Md and he told us about the “G”. It is a 3 speed manual transmission, mechanical lifter engine. Long rams, not the beach intake, but do have the cast iron exhaust headers that were on the car originally.


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