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Re: '58 Plymouth Brakes

From: Clay Wood
Date: October 12, 1999
Time: 13:54:46



I have just recently finished rebuilding the brakes on my 'project' 58 Plymouth. I too have been considering the idea of a disc conversion and have located all the neccessary parts to do so, but I am waiting till the front pads need changing before I do the 'operation'. As far as the parts go, I too tried Kanter, but found them to be awfully high when 90% of the parts you need can still be had over the counter at local auto part stores. NAPA is by far the best when it comes to parts for the particular cars. New brake shoes (pt# TS-84) for both front and rear, wheel cylinders (both the dual action and single piston style), even the return springs! Good luck and keep us informed, the more we are able to discuss these areas, the more knowledgable we all become, and the better we are to help out our fellow Forward Look enthusiast.


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