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Re: 1958 2-door Surbuban

From: Jim
Date: October 28, 1999
Time: 04:22:19


I have several. a 57 Plaza with a 1960 413 and a 1976 727 tranny. it has front disc brakes from a LeBaron and is lowered to the ground, 3" clearance on the front crossmember. will be chopped 4-5" this winter.a 1957 Fury that has a narrowed 9" ford rear locker, tubbed with P315-60R15's, 1977 newyorker front subframe. building 440 for it now with a beefed up 727. it will have close to the original color paint with gold pearl over that with the gold painted between the side trim with gold pearl over that also. complete bottom is already finished painted the same way. a 1958 Plaza with a 77 slant 6 that i use as a daily driver, and a 1957 conv. that i haven't started on yet. I also have about 8 parts cars,57 & 8's


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