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Re: Dodge 1956 D500 cars

From: Tim
Date: December 30, 1999
Time: 00:38:39


Bruce, I show that engine numbers started at 1001 so 7900 would mean actual engine 6900. I recently have had some information relayed to me by a concerned longtime D500 expert (an expert without question) who remembers seeing factory doduments that showed 57 production of D500s was around 7700 and that it was reportedly substantially up from 56. I know that engine numbers would support about 6500-7000. This source flat out insists that 56 D500s were very rare from the beginning and finds these engine numbers to be very questionable and were actually much higher than total production.Through his life and many travels he recounts seeing (in person) many 57 D500s while only a hand full of 56s. Whatever the case I hope that somehow "new" information can shed some light on the subject and give a better accounting.


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