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Re: Hemis that needs identifing

From: Tim
Date: January 06, 2000
Time: 20:13:58


These are probably Dodge truck numbers, probably from the "M" series (Military). I have a 59 M series shop manual and it lists 41 seperate models which ranged from conventional pick ups, cab overs, forward control (?), 4X4, 6X4, to school buses. GVW ranged from 5,100(M6-D100) to 49,000 (M8-T900 a Mammoth 6X4!) . Engines ranged from the 6s and 318s to (best of all) the 315 Hemi known as the Power Giant and the 354 Hemi known as the Super Power Giant. These 59 models were the last Early Hemi powered vehicles. An attempt to decode the # might go as follows S= School Bus L = !958 and 8 =V8 Or S800. The 59 School bus models range from S400 to S700 But their might have been an S800 in 58. There were many prefixes used for these engines the most exstensive list I have seen is in the Feb 96 Street Rodder


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