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Bolt patterns for '57 plymouth

From: Justin
Date: January 10, 2000
Time: 23:07:26


My Plymouth Savoy was originally equipped with 7.50x14 wheels. What other cars, with larger 8.00x14 or 8.50x14 wheels would fit on the '57 Plymouth bolts? Did Chrysler standardize their wheel patterns? Would the '57 hubcaps fit the other cars' wheels?

Thanks! Justin

P.S. My '57 has no drivetrain. It's former owner parked it in a shed in 1969 and stripped most of the mechanical parts from it. I was planning to put a late model Dodge engine in it. Can anybody recommend a good rear end that I can put in that is durable, reliably and is compatible with rims that can hold a '57 Plymouth wheelcover?


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