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56 D500

From: Da Cruizer
Date: January 12, 2000
Time: 07:23:59


Hey,Ken. Here's the skiny on the D500. In a nutshell The 56 D-500 started out as a factory hotrod. That frist started life as a 500 unit run to qulify for NASCAR grand national racing. The D500 was not only the fastest production car in America, but was taken across the pond in Dec. 55 and out ran and out handled all of the cars it raced. These cars were truly 30 years ahead of there time. The frams came from half ton pick-ups as did the quarter inch leafsprings which numbered six per side. The brakes came from the Chrysler C300. The front springs were 581 psi and two coils shorter than stock. The car by Jan 56 now came two was as a standard or as a dashone (D-500-1). These cars were not packages. They were Models just like big brother C300. The only package cars in the D-500 line up were the cars that Tim talk about they were the package car everybody talks about. There's a lot more, however this shell is almost full. Oh, ya as far as production numbers, where ever they were on the line was the number they got. So if you have the same engine it was born with use the casting number. That's as close as you can get I think that Mark mentioned that. anyway time for this D500 to hit the rack. see ya next time Da Cruizer


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