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Re: 57-61 disk brake conversion kit

From: Daven N.Anderson
Date: February 22, 2000
Time: 14:55:05


Sid, I own a '60 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban which I am converting to disc brakes. The brakes from later Mopar C-bodies that have a 10.5 inch height spindle. 1970-78 brakes should be used as the 1965-69 4-piston brake calipers are prone to leakage (unless they are sleeved,which is quite expensive). My conversion will reuse the existing control arms because polyurethane bushings made for 1962-65 B-bodies will fit.(Only rubber control arm bushings are available for C-bodies) I suggest that you search U.S. salvage yards online for 1970-73 Chrysler (all models),Dodge Monaco/Polara and Plymouth Fury I-II-III-Sport Fury. You'd want the hubs,spindles,calipers and rotors,and likely the anti-roll bar as well (most '60 Plymouths lack a front anti-roll bar!) Replacement brake pads/hardware and even rotors are available from the major U.S. auto part suppliers,some of which sell online. Be aware that this conversion will require a change to 15 inch wheels (the stock size is 14") to clear the calipers. The tires' aspect ratio should be 70 to keep a similar Outside Diameter. The stock size is approximately 205 75-14,so the new 'stock' size would be 205 70-15. You can use 65 aspect for better performance tires with higher speed ratings,as I am (225 60-15) The wheels on the 70-73 C-bodies listed would work,but I'm using 15x7 Mopar police car wheels (available new from U.S.suppliers) which also work. Many of the suppliers in Hemmings Motor News ( could help with all of these respects,and technical questions that whomever would do the installation in Germany would want to know. By the way,my car is using a '70 Plymouth Sport Fury rear axle and it looks like it came with the car! This way I got larger 11x3 brake drums and a limited-slip differential! (and better brake part availability) I hope this helps you at least somewhat... Daven N.Anderson (Colorado,USA)


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