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55 Plymouth upgrades?

From: Joe Rice
Date: March 13, 2000
Time: 13:47:12


I just bought a '55 Plymouth Plaza 2-door wagon, and would like to upgrade the brakes to a dual resivoir system and possibly put in a different engine. Will the '69 RR master cylinder fit in this car like it will in the 1958 models? I just replaced the master cylinder on my '69 RR and so ought to be familiar with how to do it :) also, what are the choices for engine swaps? This car has the v8 and 3spd w/overdrive. It has the single front mount, so I assume I'll have to weld in some motor mounts no matter what engine goes in, but I'd like to keep the tranny. Will a 318 poly bolt up to the tranny with a different bellhousing maybe? How about a 331/354/392 hemi?


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