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Fury-daily driver?

From: John
Date: March 15, 2000
Time: 02:35:13


When my Fury is completely restored, do you think that it would be foolish to use as a daily driver?? I can't fathom restoring this car and only driving it on weekends. Is it true that these old Chryslers literally "fall apart" if you drive them hard? What do you do with your Fury? Is it a "weekend antique", a daily driver, a when-my-other-car-is-in-the-shop driver, or....

How many miles do you think the drivetrain is good for before it would need to be rebuilt again? Right now I'm putting about 20,000 miles a year on my Corolla. Would I just be trashing the Fury if I drove it like that, or would it stand up to the abuse as long as I kept it maintained??


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