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Re: Fury-daily driver?

From: Mike "Pony" Poniatowski
Date: March 16, 2000
Time: 00:25:44


I agree with Mark, here in Chicago they load the streets with salt in the winter. You would be very foolish to drive any old car worth keeping (especially a 57-8 Fury) in the winter out here. A properly built drive line will last as well as any, but these old cars do rust something awful. Even a good undercoat treatment won't always save them either. Besides, when driving a car that you took so long to restore, would you really want to risk someone else sliding into it on a rainy or snowy day? I'm not a fan of "Trailer Queens" either, and I do think that a car should be restored to use, but use it when the weather is right. People say I'm way too overprotective about my 58 4 door Belvedere, I know if I had a Fury I would be even worse. The decision is yours, but please don't waste a good Fury to the elements....


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