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Re: Drum Brake Swap

From: Joe Rice
Date: March 30, 2000
Time: 13:04:13


Those brakes ought to stop a 50's car just fine... I can lock up all 4 on my '69 Road Runner with FAT new tires, and it has the stock, non-power brakes (11x3 drums). Of course, it'll only do that when the brakes are cold. Hot is a different story... I've heard that drilling the drums for ventilation similar to cross-drilling a disk brake rotor helps a lot. If I remember right, there is an earlier post on this board dealing with swapping on the newer drums. If not, it should be fairly similar to swapping to disk brakes of the same year; swap spindle, drum, hoses, etc. etc. If the spindle off a newer disk brake car will fit, one from a newer drum brake car should also work because the drum/disk spindles are bolt-ons between the modern cars.


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