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Re: Drum Brake Swap

From: Daven Anderson
Date: April 01, 2000
Time: 16:17:59


My '60 Plymouth wagon HAS front disc brakes from a '76 Gran Fury! Yes,this is the ideal swap. You do need to change to 15" wheels (at least in front,but I did all four). I used a sway bar from a '70 New Yorker,but that's just because I didn't get the sway bar from the '76 parts car. '73-78 C- bodies are the best swap donors because the rotors are cheaper and the spindle bearings are bigger. The spindle height is the same (10.5 in),in fact only C-body spindles will give proper front end geometry. My car uses the stock control arms,but you could also use the lower arms from the donor. If you had lots of dough,you could have 14" wheels made with extra inside clearance for the rotors, as I saw on one disc-swapped '60 Fury ragtop in L.A. a few years back. I'm using wire wheel covers on the 15x7's,which look VERY period-correct! PS. If you use the stock control arms,you can use early B-body app. Polyurethane bushings which are not available for C-bodies. Someone else on here did the swap with '76 N.Y. brakes. Hope this helps you out a bit,DAVEN ANDERSON


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