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Need advice on mods

From: Ken
email: ---
Date: April 28, 2000
Time: 22:33:53


Hey guys, I am in need of some advice on how to modify my 58 4-door Plymouth. What I would like to do is lower the front about 3 inches, convert to disc brakes, swap the rear for a later model, shave the door handles and install "poppers", ect. I plan on making the car look like it was originally modified in the 50's but have upgraded stopping power. I realize that we may have alot of restorers who might feel that this is butchery and I can respect that. However, I have decided to use the least favorite model (4-door plaza sedan) for this. Anyone interested in the parts I am not going to use is free to make an offer. Aside from that , my questions are: (a) does anyone know the correct way to lower front torsion bars- how low is too low, how does it affect the alignment process, ect (b) I've read alot of magazines that always state "we shaved the handles" but never explain how they installed the doorpoppers, how is this done? (c) what rearend will fit in the stock rear location without alot of fabrication? (d) I am also thinking of installing an Air Ride system in the rear to avoid body damage on driveways, ect- does anyone have any knowledge of these systems? (e) any other advice would be great. Thanks


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