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Re: Need advice on mods

From: Gary
Date: April 29, 2000
Time: 14:40:01


I've got a few suggestions, but I'm not an expert on what you want to do.

First, don't apologize for getting another old Mopar on the road! What you proposed is mild, and can easily be restored to stock if you change your mind.

Lowering your torsion bars 3" might be too much. Those years only had about 5-1/2" clearance to the oil pan at stock height, and you're getting awfully close to the road with that much drop. Alignment will be a guess, but as long as you keep the same settings after it's lowered, it shouldn't be a problem, but I'll leave that up to a front-end expert.

I doubt you'll find a modern rear end with the exact spring perch dimensions, but I'd go with a later 8-3/4 from a B, E or C body. I think you will have enough tire room for either, but nothing beats a good old tape measure!

Shaving the doors is nothing more than removing the handle and welding a plate over the opening. You can buy the "door popper" kits from several vendors who advertise in Custom Rodder and Rod and Custom magazines. You can set them up for remote opening, or have a hidden button.

The disk brake conversion is already covered in this form, so the pioneers will have made that part easy for you.

Good luck with your project, and keep us informed. I always loved those old finned cars and enjoy seeing them resurected.


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