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Re: 1958 fuel injected Mopar info. wanted

Date: May 01, 2000
Time: 23:22:46


The fuel injection was available on DeSoto as well in 58. I had an original service bulletin on the DeSoto fuel injection. It said, "If a fuel injected Car comes in to your dealership needing service you are to contact the zone office." I took that to mean that service manuals and tech information for these cars was only available at the zone office. There were supposed to have been 3 of these built. So few cars were built In each of the models that it is nearly impossible to find any information about them. In the Popular Mechanics 1958 Cars Fact Book (published in 58), there is one of the best photos of the 'B' block engine w/injection. It is attributed to the Chrysler 300D, but as we know the 'D' had a hemi engine. The engine shown was undoubtedly the one used in the DeSoto and the Plymouth. Good luck with your search.


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