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Re: looking for more info on 59 sub custom

From: Brian Cooper
Date: June 09, 2000
Time: 14:39:03


I just bought a 57 suburban deluxe 2-dr. I have heard of another in SC that is in worse shape than mine, and mine is real bad. The two door came with no third seat, and it wasn't an option, but you could get any motor or trans combo you could get in the other cars with the possible exception of the Fury motor. I am not sure about that one. Mine came with the six, three speed stick, radio, heater, and nothing else. I thought this was wierd, because my 57 savoy came with the belvedere steering wheel, heater, and two speed auto / six cyl, with no other options. the wheels, brakes, axle, suspension, etc. is the same as the other cars, except for the number of cross braces on the frame and the leafs in back are different (the wagon had heavy duty springs, but they will work on the sedans and coupes and were standard on the Fury). Hope this helps. Brian


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