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My Evil 57

From: Calvin
Date: June 27, 2000
Time: 14:31:15


I have been a huge admirer of the finned mopars for along time (especially the 57&58 Plymouth's). I was 12-yrs-old when I saw my first 57 plymouth, and to this day nothing has had such a profound effect on me. So when I saw Christine at the age of 15,I knew someday I would have one. But finding a suitable 58 hardtop in northern Minn proved to be damn near immpossible. But when I was 18 and coming back from the cities lady luck smiled upon me, sitting in a junkyard by the fence sat a little blue and white 57 plaza waiting for the day someone would come by and fall in love with her. Just like the day the original owner walked onto the Plymouth lot and said thats the one for me. So after 9 mo of trying to get the lady to sell it, she finally gave in actually she folded faster than superman on laundry day. And I had my little plymouth for the reasonable price of $300. Upon returning home with my pride and joy, my father came out and took one look at the decrepit pile of Plymouth sheet metal and said I don't want that siiting here. So my friend had allowed me to store her at his house (who had purchased a 36 Plymouth from the same junkyard)whatta friend. So when the dismantaling started I then realized what my commitment was thier were 2'by 4' sections on both side of the tranny tunnel where there wasn't a floor. She needed new front fenders, rockers, floor trunk floor and quarters. That's what happens when a car sits in a swamp for 28 yrs. Well to this day she has new fenders, rockers a floor new windshield a 58 dashboard seats out of my old 65 plymouth, the little six popper was scrapped in favor of a 318 (which I learnded was a common little trick in 57 was to buy the light weight plaza and throw the fury V-800 in it and in so doing make quite the litte sleeper)but she still needs quarters does anyone now where I can get a pair for a 57 2dr post, any help would be appreciated. But no one could have been more help to me with my project than the infamous Mopar Mel he is an asset to anyone who loves these big old finned mopars

P.S. look for my website comming soon lots of pictures of old 57&8 plymouths


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