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1957 Plymouth...9K???!!!!!!

From: Chris
email: n/a
Date: July 02, 2000
Time: 00:21:37


For any of you intrepid Exner seekers that stumble across the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere advertised for 9K, don't bother. I went and saw this car today, as I live 22 miles from the lot: I was hoping for a parts car for my 58. The lot owner is either mentally deficient or is on some awesome hallucinogens: the car is an absolute wreck, inside and out. The dash is complete, but the rest of the interior is torn up. The front grill is bent out and missing pieces. The body is just barely ok and it IS a 2d HT, but 9 GRAND??? I would be hard pressed to give more than 500.00 as is....there is no photo avail on the website. Take your chances, guys! Good luck! Chris


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