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Re: washer bottle or bag

From: John Z
Date: July 03, 2000
Time: 21:20:03


Go to the fwdlk webpage - click on N.O.S. Parts - Then click on Andy Bernbaum's site - click on "index" - Go down to "Accessories" click on the letter "W" and it will bring up various parts for sale including washer bags for 1959 and 60 Plymouths, Dodges, Desotos, and Chryslers. Price is $59.00. It appears that these cars use the same bag so it might not be too difficult to find one at one of the larger swap meets, but then again........When I purchased one of my 59 Plymouths it had one in it, all grundgy - and when I cleaned er up she came out looking like brand new. The bag should have on it "Chrysler Corporation near the top and then in the middle the wording "Jiffy Jet Windshield Washer Use MOPAR windshield washer solvent" Up by the filler neck it has printed "60 oz capacity". The color is a two-tone grey and the bag also has a fwdlk emblem on it. Geez, all this for $59 - sounds like a deal - (now I have to take the bag off the table and put it back in the car)


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