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Re: Couple of Questions.

From: Daven Anderson
Date: July 18, 2000
Time: 10:21:02


Yes there is an adapter kit to use a spin-on oil filter for the poly, sold by Fram. It's in the Fram catalog,wherever you buy Fram oil filters. I got carpet for 2 '61 Plymouths from JC Whitney, and there are other suppliers that can be found in Hemmings Motor News ( The rearends: V8 '57-61 Plymouths used 8.75" rearends,and the C-bodies to 1973 also used 8.75" rears,so those are the best choice. I have a '70 Sport Fury rearend (3:55 Sure-Grip) in my '60 Plymouth wagon and it looks like it was born there. In 1974 Chrysler changed to 9:25" rears. Certainly you could use a '77 Gran Fury rearend in a '57-61 Plymouth, the width is correct,but it wouldn't look as original and the car might 'bottom out' sooner. Also the 8.75" might be easier to get parts for,especially if you wish to change the axle ratio. The 'hotrod' parts vendors typically sell ratios for the 8.75" because the muscle cars use it and that's where the demand comes from. Still,if you have a good '77 Fury rear lying around,it should work well enogh for a driver;but if you are going to buy a rear and you have a choice,I recommend the '65-73 C-body 8.75" DAVEN


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