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From: Daven Anderson
Date: July 22, 2000
Time: 21:40:23


An early 35 amp ('61-70) alternator would be the easiest on your car's old original wiring. I like the indestructible 100 amp Mopar alternator from the '70's,but it put out enough juice to melt a good bit of the original wiring in one of my previous Forward look cars! My '60 with the 100 amp alternator was rewired to thicker wires. The 35 amp '61-70 large case alternator will also last forever AND won't overtax original wires. Your brackets will have to be custom-made or altered,but I suggest you check with some early Hemi engine builders and see which are using Mopar alternators. Someone might sell or be able to make a bracket among them. DAVEN


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