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Re: Sure Grip Advantages???

From: Daven Anderson
Date: July 29, 2000
Time: 22:05:47


During NORMAL driving you don't need a Sure-Grip! Helps in snow;YES quite a bit! Helps in ICE;NO! A Sure-Grip,an automatic and black ice spun my '62 Fury into a ditch before I could react! My '60 wagon is a stick,so it's not as affected there. To tell if the rear is a Sure-Grip,jack the car up and turn one tire (if the car still has tires on it). If the other tire starts turning,it's a Sure- Grip. You can also turn the axle shaft if there are no tires or the rearend is out of the car,if the other starts turning,same deal. One warning: the '67 Imperial has a 4 3/4" spacing bolt pattern for its wheels instead of the common 4 1/2" used by Chrysler 'forever' (form the Forward Look to current vehicles!) Imperial changed to 4 1/2" in 1974. If you used the '67 Imperial rearend as is you'd have to use its wheels in back! You could change the axle shafts to 4 1/2" spacing,using any '65-68 C-body [EXCEPT Imperial] axle shafts. Hope this helps! DAVEN


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