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Question about a Savoy Flathead Straight 6...

From: Blake
Date: July 30, 2000
Time: 11:43:04



I recently took a trip with a friend to a nearby auto junkyard and found an old plymouth savoy (believe it's 56.. not quite sure though) but it has a flathead inline straight 6. I immediately knew i needed this car since this is the one my father brought home (used) many years ago. The car is in great shape except for one thing. The engine is seized. Now this does doesn't deterr me one bit from buying it but one thing does. I've been looking all over the internet looking for someone that sells a rebuild kit for this unusual car but to my avail i have found no one. Now my question is if anyone knows of anybody that carries a rebuild kit (or parts) for this flathead 6. This little jam is all that's keeping me from running over there and buying up this car. Since i've never restored a car before im a bit skeptical about the availability of engine parts for a car this old. IF you can provide me with any information about how i could rebuild this engine or get parts for it (mainly piston, rings..etc for an overbore.. I'd REALLY REALLY appreciate it..

Thanks a lot,



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