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'63-4 Chrysler P/S column

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 04, 2000
Time: 01:22:21


Actually the idea was to use the entire steering column from the '63-4 Chrysler (fitting the car's original wheel to it). The 63-4 Chrysler have the same cowl/firewall as 60-62,the column is the same length as the 57-61 Dod./Ply. Many different steering columns could be fit in to any car if you did enough modifications to the car and/or the column,BUT the 63-4 Chry. is attractive to use for a '57-61 because it 'basically' is a bolt in swap (minor things like shims and bolt hole redrilling that may be needed on a car-to-car basis excluded). Yes that is the newest column that will go in easily. Swapping in the column in one piece solves the MAJOR headache of trying to attach a P/S unit to a manual column! DAVEN


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