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Re: 1960 Dodge Seneca Wagon Camper conversion

From: brandon
Date: August 05, 2000
Time: 22:29:43


definately would have to be cheap...its a specialty gig.....meaning the buyers are few and far between.... mopars are a little tricky on the resale....had a 63 plymouth valiant pro street car....been in 2 mags outside tweed inside 340 727....had a time selling it had a 64 ply fury could have sold that car 50 times in the first week.... also had a 66 ply beleveder couldn't give it away to save its life...and it was a 440 727 car with 391 and a sure grip....if you plan on keeping it go ahead....if you plan on selling it make sure its cheap to begin with...brandon


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