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What kind of carb was there???

From: Blake
Date: August 06, 2000
Time: 21:15:20



I recently bought an old 1954 plymouth savoy 4 door (manual steering and brakes, auto transmission). It has a inline 6 flathead but when i got it the head was off (Still is). Now one problem i found out that keeping me from buying parts for it is that i have no clue on the displacement of this engine (cubic inches). How can i tell what's the CID is for this engine since the guy i bought it from is no help in answering this question?

Also, this car did not come with the most important part... the carb.. does anyone know what carb (brand/# of barrels.. what ever is needed to buy a new one) I'd really appreciate all the help i could get finding out the displacement/what kind of carb for this car (54 savoy). Thanks a lot



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