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Re: putting 65 dodge 383 engine on  57 savoy

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 06, 2000
Time: 22:37:08


NO,'58-61 A-413 Torqueflites will not work with the 1965 engine! More specifically,it will not work with the 1965 CRANKSHAFT. 1958-61 B-series engine crankshafts protrude from the rear of the engine approx. 3/4" inch further than the '62-78 cranks,AND the '58-61 cranks have an eight-bolt pattern (like the Hemis) and the '62-78 have a six -bolt pattern. You could put a '59-61 low block 383 crank into your '65 block and use a B-series bellhousing pattern '58-61 A-413 Torqueflite (the B-series 350-440 engine pattern,NOT the 277-301- 318 A-series pattern),or easier yet use a '62-64 B-series pattern pushbutton transmission which will hook right up to the '65 engine,and can be shifted by 1957-61 Torqueflite dash buttons. For some more information,refer to my posting on this discussion board "Re:'58 Fury restoration:'58-61 Crank,'62-up Crank/Notes" May 31,2000" DAVEN


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