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Re: 1958 plymouth belvadere--4 door

From: j. descoteaux
Date: August 08, 2000
Time: 02:33:47


Hey there! Nice to know I'm not the only one restoring a 4-door out there! The value of your car depends on which model it is: the hardtop (no door pillars and flat roof) or the sedan (full door frames and sloped roof). Hardtops are worth more at about $9,500 in perfect shape, $6,650 for reall nice. They made 18,194 Belvederes this way. If you have the sedan (like me), it's only worth $7,100 perfect and $4970 great. There were 49,124 Belvederes of this type. If you have any of the rarer options like one of the bigger engines, a 3 spd auto tranny, bumper wings, or premium radio it's worth more, of course. God only knows how many are left - I just found three '58s and a couple '59s within an hour of my house this afternoon...two running! What kind of parts are you looking for, anyway?


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