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A few immediate comments...

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 12, 2000
Time: 14:48:30


1/Good engine choice. I love my 440 but it runs HOT,HOT,HOT.

2/Front mounts should be same,rear left needs a 340-360 type,I think (haven't looked at the crate rear ear yet but I suspect as much)

3/Exhaust? 2 1/4" pipe duals.

4/Forget the 518 and get a Gear Vendors add-on O/D for a 727. The Gear Vendors IS pricey ($2395) ,but it will fit under the floor,operate as a four-speed OR a six-speed tranny (driver selects with a dash switch)and the unit will take 1200 HP stock! The 727/GV combo is much stronger than the 500/518,and in the 6-speed mode will give the car faster acceleration than any factory tranny as well. Use a pushbutton 727 if you want to,no problem! '62-64 A series (318 poly) is ideal,and get a '57-58 Torqueflite button assembly for your dash. Look at

5.Yes,it's possible to have pushbuttons shift later trannys with a custom-made lever system. However,the master mechanic I know who has actually done these suggests that you should use a Gear Vendors also and not bother with the 518. YES,you'd need floor mods with the A-518! The GV would save you this massive headache...

6/ '57-59 Dodge,DeSoto Firesweep (this model only) and '58 Chrysler Windsor are on the Dodge chassis and should be very close to the Plymouth,enough to work well.

7. Any high-end car stereo shop should carry Dynamat sound insulation sheets. And our cars are about the best and easiest cars to put Dynamat in (we have so much room in the inner areas). Those poor guys have to cram Dynamat into Honda Accords all day,any old American car would be a piece of cake to them! I know a couple of restorers who add Dynamat as a 'secret' ingredient to stock restored cars with no stereo systems just to make the finished car impressively quiet inside!

8/I'm impressed with your plan,more later but my '61 is calling and I'm gonna cruise! DAVEN


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