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Thanks for the comments!!

From: Justin
Date: August 13, 2000
Time: 22:35:40


I really appreciate your comments on my plans. You feel pretty good that the GV-modified '62-'64 small-block Torqueflight can successfully mate to a Magnum 360? The GearVendors product looks impressive. Do you forsee any bellhousing, torque convertor, or inertial dampener incompatibilities? Do you anticipate any modifications to the transmission mount or frame cross member?

With respect to the engine, you suspect that the rear-left motor mount may need to be a 340/360 version. This may be a silly question (I have limited exposure to small-blocks), but why the "rear-left"? Is there a rear-right motor mount? Is it different than the rear-left? Would going with 340/360 type mounts all around be a feasible undertaking? Ar there any mount materials or vendors that you can recommend?

Yikes! I just realized that for every question you answer, I pose three more. Sorry about that. I'm just doing all the research I can before I start shelling out the cash.

Thanks Again! Justin


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