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Motor mount/torque conv.

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 14, 2000
Time: 22:38:28


As Sid points out here correctly,the cars stock use only front motor mounts and transmission mounts (i.e."Floating Power"). I meant to say LEFT mount! The angle of the 318 and 340-360 left mounts are different,and I think the Magnum replicates the 360 angle. I would try to find a shop who can modify motor mounts. The torque converters on 360's (Magnum AND before)are different because they are externally balanced crankshafts and 318's (A and LA) are internally balanced. You either add weights to a torque converter or buy one with the weights on it already. The Magnum ('92-up) 360 requires different weights than the '71-91 360's. True enough what Brandon said about that you can build a 440 for 3K's (I did!),but it's hard to fault a new engine all put together and the 360 300 hp is certainly 'enough' for a good driver. I'd recommend a 3:55 rear gear with the O/D,the GV is .78 O/D and the effective ratio in O/D is 2:76,you'd have good acceleration and mileage in the high teens in 60 mph steady state cruising. Better mileage is one reason to use a 300hp crate Magnum over a 440.


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