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From one who's put a 440 in!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 17, 2000
Time: 00:29:10


PLENTY of room is in there for a 440. Any '62-up engine should use a '62-up trans. as well,because on both A and B series V8's the crank flange was shortened and the number of bolts changed from eight to six. For a 440 you should use a '62-64 Chrysler-sourced pushbutton 727 ('65 will work if you swap in a pushbutton valve body,but the other years will have one already in),this will shift with 1957 Torqueflite pushbuttons. The small block swap would use a '62-64 Dodge-Ply. sourced 727 as installed behind the 318 poly. (or '65 with the valve body swap,as above) Since either small or big would be 'the same' trouble,I'd go big block for a weekend driver (in fact I DID!) but a 318 or 360 would certainly make sense for a 'daily' driver. P.S. If you get a 350 G.C. you'll need a big-block pattern '58-61 A-413 cast-iron case Torqueflite (as used in all '59-61 Chryslers),you didn't say which bellhousing pattern your '58 tranny is (A series if behind a 301-318,B series if it was behind a 350) DAVEN


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