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Re: Oxidized head light  covers

From: Jone Jussila
Date: August 21, 2000
Time: 22:20:55


There is an easy and fast way to check that the anodizing on your aluminium parts is still ok (e.g. after polishing).Plain aluminium conducts well electricity, but anodizing acts like a resistor.You just need an ohmeter and contact the wires on various points on your part to find out whether the anodizing is still there or not. Anodized surfaces are almost as hard as glass and therefore polishing is very hard job and mostly impossible.Anodizing can be removed chemically dipping the part in lye.This method is used in industry, so I donīt have any experiences to do it at home garage.You should remember in addition to all other precautions that lye is an acid,so do not leave your aluminium parts in it for long periods (minutes)- they will disappear forever.Certainly this is the best way to remove anodizing from aluminium parts.


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