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Re: motor swap..customer wants 413 in place of 318 in 58 Plym.

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 29, 2000
Time: 00:30:44


You do need to see if you can get a 3-speed dash board pushbutton shifter assembly ('57-58 Ply.) The '62 pair is the best year to use,your customer hit that right on the money. Mounts would use the '58 Ply. Golden Commando 350 repro mounts (Kanter Auto Parts and others). Edelbrock has an inline dual 4-barrel manifold for '440's' which will fit on this 413 (the 413,426 wedge and 440 are all RB engines). Sounds like this guy wants a "Golden Commando" lookalike out of this 413! (That is,the 1958 350 version) The Edelbrock and two AFB 500's would work,but good luck trying to get the air cleaners like the '58's! A pair of small chrome cleaners would look good,as this would never pass 100% for an original 350 GC anyway (not with the telltale RB block raised area in front!) Basic specs should be in the '62 Chrysler shop manual.


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