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to Gregg Faulkenberry and ANYONE else with 57-8 engine stuff

From: chrome_fins
Date: September 01, 2000
Time: 13:58:32


gregg, i was just wondering if the 318 in that 58 plymouth was an actual 58 model 318. well, i am restoring a 57 plym. plaza, and wanting to upgrade from 6 cyl. to something more, but not sometihng modern. what kind of shape is that 318 in? and would the owner consider selling it? anyone else who might read this post. i am looking for a 57 or 58 318 or 350. even a desoto 350 would work. anyaway, i would want a builder, but no trash motors please. i am also having a hard time finding quarter panel sections and color patch panel chrome. cna anyone help....pease??!!!



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