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Re: 1959 Plymouth Belvedere

From: Eddie Mac
email: Imperial57


Of course to start with,you'll need complete tune-up parts. Second,I'd advise you to rebuild the carburetor and the fuel pump. Next,replace all the steel and rubber fuel lines as well as boiling out the fuel tank. This is all due to varnish and age. I'd change the oil and filter,battery and coil. Prior to replacing the spark plugs,you'll spray down all the cylinders with oil. Without anyspark plugs or the coil hooked up,crank the engine till you get oil pressure.(You'll know that when you disconnect the oil sender and hook up a guage) when you get all that done hook up you're ignition system and fire her up! Don't let me get started about the brakes! Good luck with everything! Plymouths are always a great choice.


Last changed: July 19, 2018