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For the board readers,a C-body rearend swap tip

From: Daven Anderson


When I was discussing C-body rearend swaps earlier on this board,I did not point out that Plymouth & Dodge C-body rearends would be 'preferable' to Chrysler C-body rearends,as the Ply/Do are a bit narrower,and thus a closer match to our Forward Look cars.

The shape that the donor rearend is in,is really more important. For instance,if you find a good Chrysler C-body rear,and you can't find a good Ply/Do C-body rear,then by all means use the good Chrysler rear. If you have a choice of good rear ends,then choose the Ply/Do C-body rear.

Thanks to Johnny Milkshake for bringing this to my attention!


Last changed: July 19, 2018