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Re: old 318cid + newer 727

From: Daven Anderson


If you mean a 1957-61 318 'poly' V8 bolting up to a 1962-up small block 727,the answer is NO. All of the 1957-61 V8's,both small (A) and big (B-RB) use a different crankshaft flange than 1962-up A-LA/B-RB V8's. The 1957-61 flange has eight holes, and the '62-up flange has six holes. The 1957-61 flange is also longer (it protudes about 3/4" farther form the engine block than the '62-up).

The 1962-66 318 'poly' V8 can use the later A-727 tranmissions. If the 1957-61 engine's crankshaft is changed to the 1962-up crankshaft,it could use the later A-727 as well.


Last changed: July 19, 2018