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1956 DeSoto Adventurer fabric and repro. fabric in general

From: L. Howard


Take a look at this jpg:

On the left, is fabric I just received last week (and returned the next day) from ABC Upholstery in Philadelphia, PA. On the right, is a swatch of ORIGINAL 1956 DeSoto Adventurer cloth, taken from a actual car.

The guy at ABC keeps claiming that this repro. cloth is a PERFECT reproduction of the original 1956 Adventurer/Pace Car cloth, but in looking at the jpgs and comparing them myself in person, I just don't see how it's "PERFECT"!

At $100.00 a yard for this stuff, I would expect it to match perfectly.

The stuff on the left looks like it was woven too tightly compared to the original cloth.

Has anyone else received theirs yet and compared it to the original cloth in their car?

I own three '56 Adventurers so I think I can safely assume that if all three weaves used in my cars (in areas where the sun never touched) match and this new stuff doesn't, that the problem is with the repro. fabric.

Any thoughts or comments on this?

Personally, I am going to see if SMS will do it. It might take quite a while, but at least I can inspect the swatch prior to the run being done.


Leslie Howard


Last changed: July 19, 2018