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Re: Vin plate colour & dash removal?

From: paul williams


your vin plate should be the same color as car, it is put on before the primer and usually rust underneath first, best thing to do is re-prime firewall and underside of tag before replacing then repaint over everything after, your dash can be removed with windsheid still in place, has it got power steering you will make it easier if you remove the outer column then the steering column inner will move out of way, then remove trimmings from around dash and windshield pillars, disconnect cables for heater controls , speedo cable and wiring,you can disconnect this from under hood if you want to and pull it through firewall,there are about 5 screws at rear of dash 2 at sides on pillars and two large bolts under dash at sides, you will also have to disconnect transmission cable if auto, then you should be able to pull dash towards you , you`ll need a hand it`s a bit heavy on your own, thanks paul.


Last changed: July 19, 2018