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Re: Paint stripping question

From: Jim


OK, first I would use aircraft/auto stripper not furniture stripper. This is for this type of work. After the stripper has bubbled up the paint I use a single edge razor blade in a scraper. Always make sure you hold it flat. Yes, some times you get scratches in the metal. If you start to scratch it change the blade. Sometimes its best to put on two applications of remover rather than trying to scrape it all in one shot. After you scrape off the paint use laquer thinner to remove the remover residue. Then I sand it down with a DA sander with 100 grit paper. After that I use a metal etching primer (this is VERY important), then a GOOD high build primer. This will fill in those left over scratches. Make sure you use materials of the same brand ie: duPont, PPG, or RM. I prefer RM's Diamont system. Good Luck,



Last changed: July 19, 2018