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LA cranks in A [poly] blocks/key to 396 ci Poly!

From: Daven Anderson


Poly engines with a 1962-up transmission behind them can use the 1967-91 LA crankshaft [sized for 318 main bearings,360's are larger mains]. The 57 to 61 polys can be made compatible with 62-up transmissions by using the 62-up [including 67-91 LA 318] crankshafts. Mopar's new 4" stroke crank could even be used [the 318 mains version],if you had custom rods and pistons! (Same applies to its use in LA 318's) The 4" stroke and .030 overbore would make the poly displace 396 ci.,same as the Chevy big block which VERY closely imitated its head design. Best of all the crank is only $349!


Last changed: July 19, 2018