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'58 torsion bars

From: Carter


I have a '65 Dodge Polara and I can adjust the ride height of the vehicle by turning the adjustment bolts in and out. Now I have a '58 Desoto Firesweep and I can't find the same adjusting bolt that are on the Polara. Are the '58 torsion bars adjustable up and down or not? If they are not, how do you adjust the front ride height? The car seems to sit too high. Also, I am ready to pull the engine and tranny. It appears that the tranny crossmember and the rear mounts of the torsion bars are bolted together, yet I believe the bars are mounted to the frame. Is there any danger in the torsion bars popping down when I drop the tranny crossmember? Any help would be appreciated.


Last changed: July 19, 2018