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Re: Heavier Torsion Bars

From: aaron


Getting a modern level of performance drivability is what I'm after. Putting KYB shocks in front seems obvious but I am experiencing some dive and I don't want to overlook putting in heavier torsion bars. I don't think that the way I drive matches the personality of the targeted buyer in 1964. Presently the car has: 880 wagon leafs (modified perches in an atempt to "zero" roll-understeer), front sway bar(stock...thinking of making heavier one), 7x15 steels w/big radials. If get around to making the sway bar I'll build a rear for it too. Nobody seems to make either for the pre '65 880. Maybe it's an inter change with an earlier "Foreward Look" car ??? Later model front disk brakes and shocks go in soon.


Last changed: July 19, 2018