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Brad's brake tale/the Raybestos part #/etc.

From: Daven Anderson
Date: December 02, 2000


Sorry to hear about your brakes,Brad! NOW you know why I have a '70 Sport Fury rearend in my '60 Ply. wagon...

I know of the "Raybestos part #",but I thought it was an errant listing. I hope for your sake that the drums for that part # will fit....

As for Spencer's point,well I hope he read your post (and you're not alone with these brakes). When you are working on 40-year old cars (ANY 40 year old cars,not just Forward Look cars!),there are some things that just cannot be done 'by the book' in all situations,and even some things you SHOULDN'T do 'by the book'. In my '60 Plymouth Service Manual,Ch.23 [Body] page 50,paragraph 3,it states "Before sealing,always clean all surfaces to be cemented with unleaded gasoline" (!!) Now there HAVE been improvements in tools,procedures and even cleaning solutions in the past 40 years and I frankly don't want to risk blowing myself and the car up just to install (say) a new heater core 'by the book'...


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