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Proportioning valves

From: Daven Anderson
Date: December 22, 2000


If the car is drum braked and you used the drum design dual master cyl.,I would highly recommend using an adjustable proportioning valve sold by speedshops such as Summit. The 55-61 front drum brakes have dual wheel cylinders,and use more fluid than the 62-up single wheel cyl. design. If you used a factory-type prop. valve designed for the 62-up brakes,you'll have to pump the pedal an extra time to properly fill up both pairs of front wheel cylinders,and the rears will be still out of ideal balance with the fronts! NOT a good idea, both of these situations could be dangerous in an emergency stop! (The extra pump on the brakes did NOT inspire confidence for my passengers when my '61 was using the stock B-body prop. valve temporarily!)

In fact you could make a good case for using the '73-79 manual disc master cyl. even if you left the car drum-braked, because the extra fluid it holds is more than enough to make up for the 55-61 dual wheel cylinder design's extra demand.

For the disc-converted car, again the adjustable aftermarket prop. valve is the best (I use 'em on my drum AND disc cars!). However,factory manual disc prop. valves would work reasonably well,and avoid an adjustment best left to those with lots of experience servicing brakes. (It can take a few tries to get it dialed in right even if you ARE experienced in brakes!)


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