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Paint combos and dash colors

From: Brian Cooper
Date: January 04, 2001


As to paint combos, I chose that scheme off an original dealers brochure. The same brochure also shows Blue over White, Red over Black, Burgandy over White, and of course solids of every color. I have also seen White over Red as factory, and Silver on bottom in a two tone for 58 models. I don't think there was any restriction on color choices, but could be mistaken.

My dash was originally red, and the car was white. My parts car is turqoise with black trim. I chose ivory for my trim to go with the ivory and brown interior I "made up using stock patterns, but not cloths" in 1992. I think I should have gone a little darker on the inside trim, but the original red looked funny against the paint chips, and was worn thin. My personal belief is that the Blue over white and the Red over white color schemes are the most attractive. I am going to add the picture of the car in 1986 when the tree fell on it to the photo board today, it was gold then. I remeber this car being white, gold, and pink before I started, and never liked any of those combos.


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