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Lower paint angle

From: Brian Cooper
Date: January 04, 2001


I felt that if one person wanted to know how I did my two tone, more people would later. So here it is:

We sat the car on a level spot, in fact I was so anal that I used a level on the frame. We measured the distance from the trim mounting holes to the bottom of the door, I think is was 8 inches, but can't really remember. So then we measured down the same distance from the front fender eyebrow. Measured back to the fender at that point (using a level). THEN, we use a plumb from the SECOND trim hole on the door to the bottom of the door, and measure back the same distance as the front of the eyebrow was from the front of the fender. Draw a straight line or use tape to get that line, and paint away.

I am always glad to answer any questions by email or by post.

Brian Cooper

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